eSafety - Help and Advice for Parents

As part of our ongoing commitment to the welfare and safety of our students we have been running a series of tutorial sessions on the issue of how to stay safe online. The topics have included how to protect your online identity, the law relating to the sending and receiving of inappropriate images and the dangers of internet grooming. We believe that these sessions have been of great help in raising awareness of some of the dangers young people encounter whilst online, how to manage these dangers and where to seek help and support if required.

At Barton Peveril we have very robust web filtering and monitoring systems in place.  However, most students will also be accessing the web for long periods outside of college. With this in mind we felt that it would be useful to provide  parents information and tips on how to help your son/daughter stay safe online. 

No doubt you will have discussed the potential dangers young people can be exposed to while on social media, internet shopping, or just generally visiting web sites, but despite this many young people do fail to take basic security measures. For example  they may not be aware of how to check privacy settings on sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or how to check that they are shopping securely online. Research shows that many young people still fail to keep their private information private.

With these issues in mind we have now made available a set of resources, a short quiz and an online training course which we hope will help reinforce the work we have been doing at Barton Peveril and help you to help your son/daughter to stay safe online.  You may well already be familiar with some of the tips we have provided but we also hope that you will find something new and useful.

Useful resources for Parents

Esafety_Factsheet | Parent_Issues | eSafety You and Your Child - Online Quiz (pres Esc on your keyboard anytime to finish)

Online Training Course

The following resources have been used in College Tutorials

Cyberbullying | Online safety | Sexting - PDF version | Sexting - Interactive Powerpoint Version